Making the most of a narrow lot

Narrow lots are becoming increasingly more popular in inner city suburbs, where demand is high and land is scarce. Due to this we are seeing an increase in subdivisions and a decrease in the size of blocks.  


Our current build in Paddington is a narrow lot, keep watching our social media pages to see this progress. With this in mind we thought we’d give some insight into them and how to best make use of the lot. 


So, what is a considered a narrow lot? 

- generally anything with a 10-12metre frontage!  

Things to keep in mind: 

Each council will have provisions of what is acceptable for the development of your narrow lot. This may include things such as:  

- ratio of house to land: a final percentage of how much floor space your new build can take up on the lot

- setbacks from the boundary: how close you can build to the boundary. Habitable and inhabatable spaces such as decks and carports fall into these different categories respectively. 

- building height: this will impact the amount of levels you can have with your house design. Theres been an increasing trend of flat roofs or roof terraces in Melbourne, in order to increase square metres and space while staying under building height 

- neighbour privacy: things such as window coverings or frosted glass, privacy screening and views may need to be considered when building, especially for two/three story homes. 


Design Tips and Tricks:

1. Maximise space inside the home  

- declutter, less is more, choose a minimalist style, with low set furniture

- go vertical, use the walls to add character such as art or mirrors


2. Light up the room

- keep wall and ceiling colours light

- have large windows and minimal window coverings  


3. Open up

- use open plan living, sky lights, voids

- maximise wall height (above standard - 2700mm high minimum), or

- finish the room with exposed rafters or

- raked ceilings


4. Alfresco loving 

- create a seamless entry between the indoors and outdoors to give the feel of more space 


Check out our narrow lot designs here, or have your own design ready to go, Contact us for help with your next narrow lot build!