$20,000 Boost from Exclusive Living for First Home Buyers

Affording a new home is now possible thanks to Exclusive Living and Lifestyle and the Queensland Government!!


The Queensland Government is granting first home buyers $15,000 to build their new home. Exclusive Living and Lifestyle is boosting this with $20,000! That’s a total of $35,000 in grants towards your first home!! 


Exclusive Living and Lifestyle has many designs to suit every budget. All of our designs are turn-key, meaning, a complete house with no hidden costs. We can build anywhere you’d like - whether that’s a certain suburb, near schools, shopping centres or another preference. 


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First Home Owners Grant

The Queensland Government is helping first home owners get into their first home sooner. You can use the FHOG as part of your deposit! 

Eligible applicants will receive $15,000 towards building your new home. The grant includes houses and townhouses valued at less than $750,000.   


Eligibility criteria includes:  

- you must be 18 years of age

- you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident  

- you or your spouse cannot have previously ownes property in Australia that you lived in

- value of house and land less than $750,000

- you must move in within 1 year of contract and live there continuously for 6months  


Stop Renting now! 


Exclusive Living and Lifestyle has house and land packages to suit all budgets!

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Why Dual Living?

Dual living dwellings are becoming increasingly more popular for both investors and home owners. For investors, dual living provides an opportunity to receive two rental incomes, meaning the property should be positively geared. For home owners; they can utilise the extra rental income, allowing them to pay down their mortgage faster, decreasing the amount of interest paid.

What is Dual Living?

Dual living is two dwellings on one lot of land, usually separated by a fire or party wall. There is usually a larger dwelling with all of the inclusions of a standard home and the second dwelling is generally a one to two bedroom “unit” with a smaller kitchen, lounge and bathroom.

Why Dual Living?

In addition to increased cashflow, dual living has;

  • cheaper build costs compared to a duplex or two separate dwellings

  • Purchase only one block of land

  • lower maintenance costs

  • one set of rates / no body corporate fees

  • lower risk - if one property is vacant for a certain period, there is still an income from the other dwelling

For an example of a dual living design, check out Exclusive Living and Lifestyle’s design “Hudson” at https://www.exclusiveliving.com.au/designs/

For more information or to build a dual living property feel free to use our contact form, by phone or email.